Sunset scene in Florida

Abstract/Description: Colored postcard depicting a sunset scene in Florida. Pink/orange skies are reflected in the still blue water with trees surrounding either side. On the back is a watermark of a stamp that has since been removed. Also, on the back is a note written to Harriett and all from Aunt Gio stating that she has arrived home okay and apologizing for not being able to see them. She gives them Aunt Flora’s address and asks that they write a long letter when they have time. She gives her own address at the end. The text reads, “Dear Harriett & All, Arrived home O.K. Sorry I did not get to see you, was so busy I just could not get out. You can come right as Aunt Flora’s Her new address is 706 Morris. You left Ernest suit there. Hope Walter is working & that you are all O.K. Write me a long letter when you have time. Love to you all. Aunt Gio 2102 Central Ave.” It is addressed to “Mrs. Walter Steward 81 N. 10th Ave. Beech Grove, Indiana” It is postmarked from Tampa, Fla. Dated Oct. 9, 1939.
Subject(s): Beach
Palm trees
Tampa, Fla.
Tampa (Fla.)