Passagrille Drug Co.

Abstract/Description: The postcard displays four men standing along the outside and doorways of conveniences stores. The main store in subject is PASSAGRILLE DRUG CO. which lists that it contains the following: “SODA FOUNTAIN, DRUGS, NOTIONS, FISHING TACKLE AGENCY, EASTMAN KODAKS, FILMS”. Below the main store sign, the store advertises "U.S. POST OFFICE, PASSAGRILLE FLA". A smaller sign can be seen leaning again the building wall that states, “THE DRUG STORE”. In the windows of Passagrille Drug Co. there are lit-up signs that, once again, list the items they're selling including “SODA”, “DRUGS”, “KODAKS”, AND “ICE CREAM”. Outside, there are stands that seem to be holding magazines, postcards, or perhaps books. Directly adjacent to the drug store, as part of the same building structure, is another store with a sign that states, "KANODE—GROCERIES". Outside that store, on the ground are a couple crates with a basket stacked on top. One crate is labeled, "SOUPS". All four men are dressed in black slacks and white sleeved button-downs. The man in the drug store doorway with a mustache is wearing a black blazer and a tie. One man is wearing a black top-hat, white suspenders, and he is holding a slat of wood. Another man, whom is wearing a black bowtie, is seen leaning against the grocery doorway with crossed arms. The bottom of the postcard has the date, “1917” handwritten on it. The backside of the postcard has two words penciled in cursive handwriting, "Green album."
Subject(s): soda
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida
Pass-a-Grille Beach (Fla.)
Pass-a-Grille (Fla.)
Drug stores
Grocery Stores
United States. Post Office Dept.
Ice cream, ices, etc.