Rear view of Hotel Rellim showing private boating and fishing Pier on beautiful Don Ce Sar Bay

Abstract/Description: This post card depicts the rear view of the Hotel Rellim with views of a private boating and fishing pier on the Don Ce Sar Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida. The boating and fishing pier in the background serves as part of the Hotel Rellim, where guests may stay during their time in Pass-a-Grille. Many trees and a red-roofed house make up the backdrop and horizon of the image. There are outdoor chairs on the pier and the foreground of the image, where visitors may have rested during their stay at the Hotel Rellim. There is also a man on the pier is facing the water, where he is dressed in only shorts and was possibly helping a boat leave the dock. The back of the post card is describing the location and purpose of the Hotel Rellim and Villa Colony and its significance to Pass-a-grille beach as a destination for year-round vacation paradise. The private beach connects directly to the Gulf of Mexico, where amenities of fishing and boating at the pier, enjoying the cocktail lounge and superb continental cuisine is all inclusive from the host family of the Millers. There is no written message on the back of the post card.
Subject(s): Hotels; Vacation rentals; Gulf of Mexico; Beaches; Fishing; Piers; Swimming Pools; Don CeSar (Saint Pete Beach, Fla.); Cocktails; Restaurants; Cuisine; Pass-a-Grille (Fla.); Pass-a-Grill Beach (Fla.); Pass-a-Grille; Pass-a-Grille Beach
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida