Group of Largo Volunteer Firemen, October 1960

Abstract/Description: Photograph of Largo Volunteer Firemen Group from the Evening Independent Newspaper (Vol. LIII No. 244) for October 1960; Note under photograph reads: "Here are 14 of Largo's present force of 17 volunteer firemen. In center is Chief Dave Morris, flanked on the left by City Manager Bazel Crowe and on the right by Mayor Douglas Cole. In the background is the town's original fire station, built about 1925 and occupied by the fire department ever since. (Independent photos by Bill Williamson)"; Another photograph underneath is not noted, but has Chief Dave Morris and four other men; Title of article (article is not included in this photocopy) is: "City Limits Ignored by Largo Firemen"
Subject(s): Newspapers
Fire departments
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Largo, Pinellas, Florida