Largo Police in front of Police Station #3

Abstract/Description: Largo Police Department group photograph in front of Police Station #3, Circa 1971; Front row, l to r: Dennis Hefti, Don Girson, Julian Nettles, George Spikes, Shorty Reynolds, Bill Skaggs, Johnny Touchton; Middle row, l to r: Mary Ann Vosk "(sp?)", Barbara Smith, Philip Shore, Bob Smith, "Tom Kerr?", Bones Crile, Sol Gesualdo, Unknown Female, Jo Kippers, Allan Adriance, "Lt. Col. Paul ?"; Back row, l to r: Prentice Dort, Spud Koon, Bruce Couter, George Kroft, Allen Arntzen, Jim Fletchter, Howard Smayda, Jerry Slider, Douglas Day, Dick Paul
Subject(s): Largo, Pinellas, Florida