The Daniel McMullen House

Abstract/Description: Group Photograph in front of the Daniel McMullen House at 1551 Rosery Road NE in Largo circa 1900; Shown in the photograph: (L to R) James N. Hardage, Nannie McMullen Hardage, Charles B. McMullen, May Davis, Daniel McMullen, Mr. Ron, and Elmer Rousseau; Note from file states: "The 1868 Daniel McMullen home on Rosery Road, near Lake Avenue. This old house has stood the test of time. Still in excellent condition with additions, it is the home of one of the Daniel's granddaughters, Nancy McLaughlin, who lives here with her husband, Carl; Second note in file states that Nannie McMullen Hardage is the daughter of Daniel McMullen; Charle's B McMullen is Nancy McLaughlin's father; Mr. Ron "worked on the place at the time" and Elmer Rousseau was a neighbor
Subject(s): Largo, Pinellas, Florida