Pinellas County's First Courthouse

Abstract/Description: "Erected almost overnight in 1912 to save the county seat for Clearwater, this small frame two-story structure (which is now occupied by Peace Memorial Church) served as the first courthouse for Pinellas. Pictured in front of the building are most of the infant county's first officers. They were School Board: W.A. Allen, Clearwater; A.F. Bartlett, St. Petersburg; A.P. Beckett, Tarpon Springs; Dixie Hollins, County superintendent; C.W. Wicking, St. Petersburg, clerk of court; Marvel M. Whitehurst, Clearwater, sheriff; LeRoy Brandon, county judge; J.T. Northrup, tax assessor; E.B. (Uncle Eli) McMullen, tax collector; A.C. Turner, treasurer; Albert S. Meares, supervisor of registration; surveyor, W. R. Rousseau."
Subject(s): Courthouses
County government
Allen, W.A.
Bartlett, A.F.
Beckett, A.P.
Hollins, Dixie M.
Weicking, C.W.
Whitehurst, Marvel M.
Brandon, LeRou
Northrup, J.T.
McMullen, E.B.
Turner, A.C.
Meares, Albert S.
Rousseau, W.R.
Pinellas County
Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida
Date Created: unknown