Pencil drawing of a neighborhood

Abstract/Description: The artifact is what appears to be an old pencil drawing with a square border, showing a row of six tall colonial style homes along a street. Four people can be seen walking on the sidewalk alongside the houses. Behind the homes are yards with trees. The artist makes use of a crosshatch technique for shading and texture. The artist, has signed their name,“B. H. Dougherty,” in the bottom left corner of the sketch.The drawing is adhered to the back of a photograph of Joan Haley. The paper the drawing is on has worn edges, with a significant tear in the top left side. The bottom right corner is creased, and appears to be stained with black ink. There is some evidence of foxing along the entire page, but particularly the upper right side. There are some small holes and wear on the middle right side of the paper.
Subject(s): Drawings.
Pencil drawing.
Colonial architecture