Letter for Mrs. James Haley from Switzerland

Abstract/Description: The artifact is a powder blue envelope. The recipient address is handwritten in blue ink: “Mrs. James Haley 2311 Pass-a-Grille Way St. Petersburg Beach Florida, U S A.” There is an orange Swiss stamp in the top right corner of the envelope which reads “Helvetia Fribourg 100.” The stamp shows Fribourg Town Hall, c. 1960. To the left of the stamp and slightly over it is a round ink postmark which reads “Luzern 6 Zurichstrasse” around the edge and “22.VII.62-11” in the middle. At the top center of the envelope is a sticker emblazoned with a large red R, which further reads “Luzern 6 Zurichstrasse 781.” These are both from the Post Branch 6000 Luzern 6 Zürichstrasse in Switzerland. At the bottom left front edge of the envelope is an ink stamp that reads: “AU TRIANON Embroideries LUCERNE • Genferhaus Elisabeth Kaeslin” The back of the envelope has two faded ink postmarks from St. Petersburg, Fla. On one of the postmarks, the partial year “196-” can just barely be recognized. The envelope itself is creased and wrinkled in many places. There is a small notch out of the top right front edge of the envelope, and a small hole at the top center front edge. There is evidence of discoloration and foxing along the front edges of the envelope and along the back surface. A relatively large section of the back close flap of the envelope is missing. There is some discoloration or oxidation along the back folds of the envelope, possibly due to an adhesive glue.
Subject(s): Letter.
Postage stamps--1960-1970
Postage stamps--Switzerland.
Postmarks--United States.
Lucerne (Switzerland)
Fribourg (Switzerland)--Buildings, structures, etc.--Pictorial works.
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Pass-a-Grille (Fla.)
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida