Invoice for Pass-a-Grille Community Church from St. Petersburg Novelty Works

Abstract/Description: An invoice from St. Petersburg Novelty Works for materials purchased for the construction of the original Pass-a-Grille Community Church. The paper itself is worn and yellowed, with several creases running both vertically and horizontally. The left edge of the paper appears to have been ripped along a perforation. The original red and blue ledger lines are just visible towards the bottom of the page. The top edge of the page is crumpled and torn, and there are also two tears along the left edge and one along the right. At top left of the page is a line that reads “MR.” with the signature “W. M. Sanders,” followed by a line beneath that reads “DR.” and handwritten “Pass-A-Grille.” At top right is a line that reads “St. Petersburg, Fla.” And a stamped date- “May 3 1916.” At the top center of the page is the logo for St. Petersburg Novelty Works, including “Established 1897, Incorporated 1911” and the tagline “Everything that goes into the construction of a building.” To the right is a list of materials the company sells: “Composition Roofing; Asbestos Shingles; H.M. Reynolds Asphalt Shingles; Galvanized Roofing; Lime. Cement, Plaster; Brick, Sheathing Paper; Beaver Board; Builders’ Hardware; Complete Line of Sash and Doors.” To the left is the phone number for the accounting department “Phone 236,” and the sales office, “Phone 97.” Beneath this there reads: “Everything in Lumber Rough and Dressed Window and Door Frames Most Complete Novelty Shop on West Coast” The heading of the invoice has “Date,” “TKT. No.,” “Job,” “DR.,” and “CR.” listed. Below, “All Bills Are Due On First Of Month After Purchase.” Beneath “Date” is the handwritten “1916 May.” This is followed by a list of materials, catalogue numbers, prices, and calculations written in smudged pencil. Some of the totals have been accompanied by a checkmark in pen. At the bottom left of the page, there appears to be an ink stamp, which is too faded to read.
Subject(s): Invoices.
St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.
Pass-a-Grille Beach (Fla.)
Pass-a-Grille Beach (Fla.)--HIstory.
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida