Letter appealing for church funding

Abstract/Description: A type-written letter, appealing to the cities of St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida, for funding of an interdenominational church in Pass-A-Grille. The paper is old and yellowed, with some foxing around the edges and water stains. There is a crease in the middle where the paper was apparently folded in half. There are also diagonal creases along the top and bottom where the corners were folded over. The ink is faded to an almost purple color. There are some tears along the left side of the paper. The letter reads: "For the first and probably the last time for many years at least we want to appeal to you in behalp [sic] of a local charity. We have found in many instances that people thinking of settling here, in some cases permanently, in others for the season only, have been prevented because of the absence of school and church, so we have built a pretty little school house, paying for the lot by private subscrip-tion; now we think the time has come to build the church. That we may insure you against any other appeal of a similar nature, we have decided to build and organize for an Interdenominational Church, all de-nominations agreeing to unite and abide by this decision. We have canvassed the island first and have received subscriptions from almost every family here and several tourists, but still we lack, so are appeal-ing to St. Petersburg and Tampa for help. While we put the moral aspect highest, still in a business sense we find this enterprise necessary. The subscriptions range from $100, sent over by a St. Petersburg firm, down to $10.00. We are not going to suggest the amount you shall give, but will receive with becoming gratitude the amount you are prompted to send. Thanking you in advance for what we trust will be a gener-ous response and assuring you that there will be no delay in the work, the contract having been let today, we remain, Sincerely Yours," There is no visible name or signature at the bottom of the letter. However, there is some unreadable handwriting that resembles numbers written vertically toward the bottom of the page.
Subject(s): Letter.
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Tampa (Fla.)
Interdenominational cooperation.
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida