A Popular Guide at Pass-a-Grille, Fla.

Abstract/Description: The front of the postcard features young, barefoot Silas Dent, identified as a a "popular guide" in Pass-a-Grille Beach but better known as the hermit of Cabbage Key because of his rustic lifestyle. The rear of postcard features writing by an unknown author, while some of the text is unintelligible, this is what can be discerned, "None of us got to see the Hermit but Electra but she says this is a perfect picture and that he always goes barefoot He seldom ever dresses up but when he does he is nice looking he looks black in the picture but he is not This is a good picture of the Guide and Hermit of the Island. He lives all alone and has a dairy. E- got her milk off him 15 cts ... tell you how much it costs to live on the island... 40 cts a dozen Irish potatoes ...". Silas Dent is well known as the "Cabbage Key Hermit" and he is also known for operating a small dairy farm.
Subject(s): mangrove
Dent, Silas
Pass-a-Grille (Fla.)
Pass-a-Grille Beach (Fla.)
Boca Ciega Bay (Fla.)
Tour guides (Persons)
Fishing guides
St. Pete Beach, Pinellas, Florida
Date Created: 1916?